Taisetsu Junmai Ginjo

Taisetsu Junmai ginjo

Taisetsu Junmai Ginjo
Alcohol: 15 -16%
Class: Junmai Ginjo
Sake Meter Value(SMV): +3/Dry
Rice: Hokkaido rice
Amino acid: 1.1
Acidity: 1.3
Rice-Polishing Ratio: 45%
Kobo: N/A
Brewery: Takasago Brewery, located in Hokkaido, Japan

Taisetsu, meaning ‘heavy snow’ was brewed using water from the mountains in the snowy Hokkaido prefecture and brewed during the winter under freezing temperatures. Due to the clean and soft water from the Hokkaido mountain, you get a sake with a very clean transparent appearance, and a light ginjo aroma to the nose with apple and melon notes. The first thing you get is the light rice taste, and hits you with crispness and sharpness that finishes you off with a nice dry and refreshing hit to the throat. This is a very affordable and easy to drink sake that is recommended to those just starting to enjoy sake.

Temperature: chilled or slightly warm
Pairing: sushi, sashimi, fish, raw oysters,

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